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A clever business with a smart intranet!

Ever since our daily work routines recently have been disrupted, our employees have become more dependent on finding information. “Where can I find…”, “How do I…”, “Who is…” are typical questions we previously were able to ask our colleagues at work. Working from home has taken away “social querying” almost completely, and has made our […]

As cool as PowerApps could be

At Point Taken we have been promoting the use of Microsoft PowerApps (being part of the PowerPlatform) significantly since its inception. Somebody wants to order a new laptop or phone? Use the company webshop displaying only the models and configurations that your company policy allows for. Just a few clicks and both an internal order […]

Getting better control over Office 365 groups when using MS Teams

Many of our customers are starting or continue to use Microsoft Teams as an effective company-wide collaboration tool. Most of these companies are encouraging their Office 365 users to set up their own MS Teams initiative, resulting sometimes in an unstructured array of Teams but implicitly also in a pile of (unwanted) Office 365 groups. […]


How to get started with Microsoft PowerApps and Flow Have you ever heard of Microsoft PowerApps or Flow? My experience is that over half of the Office 365 users who can access these applications (as part of their current subscription) are unaware of its existence. Unaware of the potential business value the apps that you […]


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• Jeg er interessert i Azure, og ønsker å lære mer om det grunnleggende.

• Jeg har allerede Azure, og ønsker hjelp til å implementere løsningen.

• Jeg har allerede Azure, og ønsker hjelp med utfordringer i løsningen.

• Jeg trenger å lære mer om hvordan min bedrift kan bruke Azure på best mulig måte.

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