PT: Azure Control is a service that gives you good value and security in the form of monitoring, notification, security, advice and “Control”. We as a provider take care of your Azure environment, so you can spend more time at your job and less time worrying about the status of the services you have in Microsoft Azure.

Challenge: continuous monitoring

More and more companies are using Microsoft Azure and constantly expanding the environment by adopting new modern solutions. This places higher demands on the environment to be managed and monitored in a professional manner, and is for many a challenge in an otherwise busy everyday life. Traditional services for which your IT department is responsible are constantly being addressed along with an increased demand for results.

Of course, we would like Azure to run itself and all you had to do is click on which apps to run, but that’s not the case. Microsoft takes care of the infrastructure and that their machine park works optimally, while everything you as a customer choose to “install” you are responsible for.



  • Azure requires continuous attention
  • There are so many options, apps and services, which make it complicated to choose the right one
  • Costs; unnecessary licenses, services not used where costs are incurred, etc.


  • With Azure Control, you give Point Taken the opportunity to help you with the attention Azure requires.
  • Our Azure Team can help you create a safer, more cost-effective and reliable environment.


  • You as a customer will receive a monthly report, which is basically all you need to deal with.
  • Here you will get an overview of alarms, performance and latest security incidents.
  • In addition, we will also create an action list, with recommended action based on what we’ve uncovered. We can also quickly assist in implementing measures as desired.

Prevents loss of important production time with PT: Azure Control uses Azure to operate their most important systems, including a complete documentation tool for fiber and broadband networks. If the services they use do not work properly, important production would go away in troubleshooting and attempts to obtain the right resources. Therefore, they wanted to find a way to avoid this. says that Azure Control was the perfect solution. Point Taken now helps to ensure that the services continuously function as they should. We are grateful that they can now be the “extra set of eyes” that prevent the loss of important production time.

There are many companies that know Microsoft 365, but there is something special about the people at Point Taken that is very suitable for such an introductory project, says Jørn Markussen.

That’s how easy it is to get started with Azure Control

We start with a short meeting, where you describe the current solution and Point Taken presents Azure Control and what opportunities and benefits this can give your business. Here we also want to bring out a target image with a roadmap.

Then we will have a mapping workshop for 1-2 days, where we look in depth at the Azure platform and the current situation. An important advantage is that we adapt the service to your needs as a customer.


Phone call
(15 minutes)​​​


Short conversation to find out what you want to achieve and whether we can help do this. This is non-binding.

(2-4 hours)​​


Review of the current environment, Azure platform and possible integrations. We look at different challenges, and which services can suit the customer’s environment. In addition, we will prioritize what is most important for the customer to get the most value possible.



We start the process of activating the Azure Lighthouse (to provide NPT partnerships), and moving any services to an Azure plan. Then we will activate the respective services by appointment.



We start producing reports, which will be a benefit for the customer.

Book NOW: Meeting


It is important that the solution is adapted to your environment, and together we will outline a solution proposal. In this meeting, we will map their existing environment and agree on which services will be best suited.

– Here we will go in depth on needs, size, services and goals.

– A solution proposal and a POC (Proof of Concept) are prepared,

Further progress (priced specifically):

  • Meeting No. 2 if necessary
  • Onboarding
  • Evaluation of gain/benefit
  • Any changes in solution
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Do you recognize yourself? Contact us!

  • I have or am about to use Azure, and would like advice.
  • I want to increase security in Azure.
  • I need to look at the performance of our running services.
  • I want to control costs in Azure.

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• Jeg er interessert i Azure, og ønsker å lære mer om det grunnleggende.

• Jeg har allerede Azure, og ønsker hjelp til å implementere løsningen.

• Jeg har allerede Azure, og ønsker hjelp med utfordringer i løsningen.

• Jeg trenger å lære mer om hvordan min bedrift kan bruke Azure på best mulig måte.

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