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Power BI

What POINT TAKEN can do for you!

  • Develop and describe "Good Governance" optimized for reporting in your business
  • Draw an overview of current data sources, both internal and external
  • Describe what can be done with available data in your business, "Unlimited Timeline Trending" and KPIs
  • Calculate all relevant "Measures", as well as data analyses in-depth for uncovering "Hidden Insights"
  • Configure data flow automation solutions up to "Dashboard" and other reports and analyzes
  • Implementation and use of the "Method and Reporting Standard", developed by our own Business Intelligence Team
  • Develop an educational manual for optimal use: [user] + [admin] + [management] + [owner] + [developer
  • Develop and visualize licensing costs over time and optimize these for the best possible CE
Get data

Data Sources

We should actually find data sources that we can not connect to, for extracting and organizing your business data. It is a paradox that a lot of the business data will never see "light of day" again after they have been registered in your systems. Registered business data is still in the dark, without the opportunity to provide you with important and crucial insight in your business. With our methods in place, we can extract all the numbers that until now have lived an "isolated and dark" existence.

The extraction of business data

Now the data is being extracted from your systems, we ensure that categories, dimensions, and timelines are intact. With this, all kinds of reports, analyzes and dashboards can now be developed.

Selection of output

Selection of output and calculations

Based on the requirements that we identified together, will we now design reports and dashboards based on your needs. The most important is that you and your managers can make better decisions and work more efficient and effective putting your data to work.

Menus, method selection and security

All our solutions are based on a well-structured architecture with emphasis on intuition, with well-known corporate internal dimensions, making navigation between different reports simple. The first thing we think about is security, the other is security and the third is: security. Data should never leak, so it is important that we establish a "regime" that is completely in line with your needs and requirements for security

Layout and design

Layout and Design

We are overwhelmed by information, not because there is too much, but because we don't know how to tame it. -- Stephen Few By creating good oversight, we ensure better insight in your operations. Our solutions give you numbers to act on. Every report we develop together tells a story. We make sure that story matches the business needs.

Publishing and Rapporting

Data is most powerful when shared with others. We export, publish, share and distibute your PowerBI data insights, the way you need it.