As cool as PowerApps could be


At Point Taken we have been promoting the use of Microsoft PowerApps (being part of the PowerPlatform) significantly since its inception.


Many customers have been following our advice using PowerApps to build custom apps delivering immediate benefits to their business. Most of these apps are tailored to a specific business context, but today I want to present to you a more generic concept that is both effective and supercool!

How about building a simple “webshop” for your company in just a couple of simple steps using PowerApps? You can use it e.g. to sell company specific items (fashion, gadgets, …) or to handle internal hardware/software requests.

Somebody wants to order a new laptop or phone? Use the company webshop displaying only the models and configurations that your company policy allows for.

Just a few clicks and both an internal order slip is sent to purchasing while the employee is receiving a confirmation email! The content of the webshop can be easily updated anytime. The webshop can be accessed from a laptop (internet browser), tablet or smartphone.


Are you interested to discover how PowerApps can be used to build a flashy webshop for your organization?

Simply contact Knut Skogvold on +47 90 09 50 88 or email to discuss how we could take it from there.



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